Sunday, May 31, 2009

Jerry Springer and Me - by Patty Mooney

There is this prestigious annual convention where all these studios, celebrities, and broadcast people gather, called NATPE - (National Association of Television Program Executives). Back in 1996, Mark and I attended it in order to sell our show, "Full Cycle: A World Odyssey," an "endless summer" with mountain bikes. This documentary won over a dozen awards but it has never been aired on television. In '96 the studios seemed more interested in horror than in mountain-bike love.

Anyway, Mark and I had the chance to meet a lot of interesting people, among them Jerry Springer. As you can probably tell from his baudy, rowdy show, he's a nice guy. Well, in person, he really is a nice guy. At the time he was just hitting his stride with his TV show, and he was quite approachable. He was nice enough to pose for photos with both Mark and me.

Later that evening, we saw him at a party for television executives at a local venue where the event people had set up a karaoke system. One thing you may not know about Jerry is that he loves to sing Karaoke.

And one thing you may not know about me is that I, too, love to sing Karaoke. Unfortunately, we did not get any photos of Jerry and me singing together, but it happened. So the day we can download data from our memory, that will be among the first photos I'll print out!

So consider this a shout-out to Jerry Springer. You rock, man! Keep on having lots of fun, and inspiring others to have lots of fun, too.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Good Family Times in Las Vegas, Part 2 - Photos and Story by Patty Mooney

It had been a long time since I'd been to Las Vegas. I used to attend an annual video software dealers convention (VSDA) there with my husband to distribute our video titles; the last time was 1994. So when my mom announced that she would be in Henderson (just south of Vegas) for her 88th birthday over the Memorial Day weekend, several of us decided to join her. Here's a small pictorial of our family gathering.

My niece, Aiyana, and sisters "Glamorous" Jeanne and "Tie-Dye" Rita prepare to leave the air-conditioned hotel room and step out into the fire tongues of Las Vegas.

Magi, the birthday girl, greets her son Joe and his daughter (her grand niece), Aiyana at the Henderson Elks Club

One major event was the shearing of Magi's lanky silver locks. She had a crew cut for my wedding in 1987. Since then it had grown down to her derriere, so she normally wore it in a braid. On occasion she would let it out and one or several of her four daughters would brush it out and then rebraid it. Magi had threatened to have it cut over the last several years, and this time she requested that my brother, Joe, bring his barber shears and do the deed, once and for all.

Magi is thrilled to have the weight taken off her shoulders.

Aiyana holds up the silver horse's tail; Magi plans to give it to an organization that collects hair for cancer patients who have lost their own hair. She mentioned, however, that they might not want it because it's silver.

Here's Magi at the center of a family portrait wearing her new "do." I love this shot because there is so much going on, both on and under the surface.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Good Family Times in Las Vegas - Photos and Story by Patty Mooney

Memorial weekend turned out to be a special one for me. Several members of my family met in Las Vegas for a small family reunion in honor of my mom's 88th birthday. (88 = Double Infinity, right?)

On Friday, four of us - my brother, Joe, my sister, Rita, Joe's daughter, Aiyana, and I all squeezed into Joe's 2005 Mustang convertible and commenced our six-hour drive to Vegas, which I call "the Furnace of Hell."

Imagine four tall people in a sports car. Well, it was fun because we chatted and laughed, played music and sang, shared stories and jokes, and the time on the road went by quickly (except for the stretch of highway near Baker which turned into one large parking lot where there was a traffic accident).

Because Aiyana had never been to Las Vegas before, Joe and I took her to the Stratosphere where my thrill-seeking niece convinced us to go on the Bigshot which shoots up into the sky from the top of the Stratosphere, and the XScream which juts out over the side of the Stratosphere, looking down at the Strip 900 feet below.
Sorry, no shots of any of the rides. You are not allowed to take cameras aboard, as anything loose will go flying and get smashed 900 feet below (in all probability).

But I did get this shot of Aiyana posing behind a mannequin which is pretty hilarious, I think.

More on this extraordinary weekend later.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Spiritually Healing Modalities of Clairvision - by Patty Mooney

A decade ago, San Diego hosted the Superbowl, an event that glorifies football, the body-breakingest sport in the United States. As the Denver Broncos and Green Bay Packers prepared for physical battle, the international staff of Sydney, Australia’s Clairvision School held workshops in La Jolla to facilitate the spiritual healing of attendees.

In the early ‘80’s, while a young medical doctor in France, Dr. Samuel Sagan (no relation to Carl), used regression to treat his more stubborn cases. Although contrary to what he had studied at medical school, the techniques worked. Dr. Sagan turned his attention to the spiritual arena, and consequently formed Clairvision, a school of meditation and spirituality, in Australia. The school’s major emphasis is to open up the student’s spiritual vision, by nurturing “a new ‘organ’ of seeing, the third eye.”

Clairvision offers a curriculum of several processes designed to explore and transform consciousness. Some topics appearing on Clairvision’s program are Healing, Stress Management, Supermind techniques on how to develop intelligence, and Sex and Energy Awareness. In January teachers imported two of the more quickly accessible healing modalities to San Diego, “Awakening the Third Eye,” and “ISIS Regression.”

“Awakening the Third Eye” is a systematic method to awaken the third eye and engage spiritual vision. As Dr. Sagan writes in the Introduction to his book of the same name, his intention is to share these third-eye techniques with “those who cannot be satisfied with only an intellectual understanding of spiritual realities and who wish to gain access to direct experience.”

He adds, “The more you are able to drop any preconceived ideas, the easier it will be to ‘see’...Even though several extrasensory perceptions will arise as you practise the techniques, the purpose is clearly to find the Self and to learn to see the world from the Self instead of seeing it from your usual mental consciousness.” He stresses that the Clairvision techniques are based on a “direct awakening of the body of energy,” and do not use channelling, creative imagination, positive affirmations, hypnosis or autosuggestion.

“ISIS” -- Inner Space Interactive Sourcing -- is an intensive method of regression therapy with a spiritual focus. It employs the awakened Third Eye and the assistance of a “connector” who focuses his/her energy to facilitate the journey of the “regressed.” San Diego’s four-day workshops were abbreviated versions of a long-term training course offered at the Clairvision school in Sydney through which participants can become professional ISIS therapists, as well as implement the technique unassisted on themselves.

Regression has long been utilized as a technique in psychotherapy. What is interesting about ISIS is that it employs both psychotherapeutic and metaphysical dimensions. According to a Clairvision course description, the essential characteristics of ISIS, a “Gateway to the Self” are:

* It is a means of self-discovery and transformation allowing one to reach an unprecedented level of depth in the psyche;

* It reveals aspects of the Self that one had never suspected, opening untapped potential and sources of inspiration and creativity;

* It takes one to the source of emotional charges and deeply-rooted traumas, while allowing a safe release of these blockages;

* It enables discovery of past, present and future energy patterns in the individual psyche;
* It is a highly effective method of energy-balancing;

* It works through a stimulation of the third eye and perception of the inner space.

Students of ISIS--including San Diego participants--have experienced a wide-range of benefits including:

* Improved mental clarity and emotional stability;

* Increased freedom from anxiety and stress-related disorders;

* Resolution of inner conflicts;

* Rediscovery of one’s spontaneity;

* A deep level of self-healing through reconnection with one’s true nature;

* A growing sense of Self-knowledge;

*An awakening of spiritual vision.

In his book, Regression, Past-Life Therapy for Here and Now Freedom, Dr. Sagan states that “Even in the first sessions, it is not uncommon to experience flashbacks that cannot be related to any experience in this life, but are accompanied by a deep feeling and an inner certitude that they refer to yourself. Hence the name 'past-life therapy' is often given to regression.”

He stresses that one need not believe in past lives or anything else to benefit from regression, and that indeed “the fewer beliefs you bring with you, the more chance of success, for beliefs generate expectations that tend to distort the purity of the experiences. Some of the flashbacks during regression have an extreme clarity and leave the client with little doubt that they are real. Yet what matters with regression experiences is not whether they come from past lives, but what sort of improvement they can bring to your present.”

Regression’s lesson is to open-mindedly explore what Dr. Sagan calls the “flavour of the Self,” a sense of one’s own continuity in time, and to apply one’s discoveries to the here and now. As the doctor says, “ISIS aims at unveiling your real nature, and cares little about who you have been.”
After conducting their Third-Eye and ISIS work in Australia for over a decade, the Clairvision team felt the time was right to share their knowledge with Americans. They wanted to show us how the techniques can be applied as a pure system unto itself, as well as incorporated into other professions. In 1997, Clairvision presented a workshop in North Carolina, which was so well-attended and -received, they came to California a year later to present another workshop (partially sponsored by San Diego’s Earth Energy Products) featuring the ISIS technique of regression which is based on three main principles:

1. the inner space of the third eye, accessed through the area between the eyebrows;

2. the interaction between two people--the ‘client’ lies down and undergoes the regression experience, while the ‘connector’ sits close by and monitors the energy during the session;

3. a systematic search for the source of all emotional imprints or “scars” and behavioural conditioning.

As a participant in the Third-Eye Awakening and ISIS Regression San Diego workshop, I can tell you that while the systematic techniques are simple to implement, one who has been involved in some spiritual process, such as Yoga, Meditation or Bodywork, will find the techniques almost “second nature.” Fellow participants and I felt there was more therapeutic value to the regression work ongoing over several days, as opposed to a one-shot session. As we worked in teams of two and sometimes three, it was beneficial to “change partners,” and experience different energies. During my most memorable “journey” as client, my two connectors and I shared a deep and powerful energy exchange which could be described as tantric, ecstatic.
We had all reached a spiritually vibrant destination that I like to think will some day be as accessible to all as the Superbowl.
Clairvision instructors present Third-Eye Awakening and ISIS workshops around the world. Visit the Clairvision website to learn more.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Miss Mission Beach Bikini Contest

Contestants - 2009 Miss Mission Beach Bikini Contest in San Diego

Our friend, Bill Salisbury, is the lucky guy who was hired to take this photograph. He specializes in these 360-degree photos. These are some gorgeous women, aren't they? As Spock from Star Trek would say, "Fascinating, Captain."

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Kreativ Blogger Award - Whoohooo!

Thank you to Denise at Odd Imagination for this lovely award. Sometimes you just move forward in a ritualistic way, as with blogging, and then one day you see a virtual bouquet of flowers on your cyber door step - such a sweet and illuminating moment. Wow, someone has heard and appreciates my random and varied shouts into the blogosphere!

As a grateful recipient of this most auspicious award, and to keep it rolling forward to more creative recipients, I will now list six things I am truly grateful for.

1. My Soulmate-Husband-Best Friend - His name is Mark aka "Cuddles," "Cuddle-icious," "Cuddsly," "Love Bug," "Bugs," "Babe," "Baby-cake," "Slice'o Love Cake," well, you get the idea. The terms of endearment just keep on coming, and that shows you that the 27+ years we have shared together have been momentous, lovely, amazing, stunning, fun, adventurous, and did I say amazing?

2. Good Health & Enthusiasm - How fortunate I feel to have great genes (my mom is turning 88 this week and my dad is 85, so longevity seems to be in the cards) and my body has carried me through some awesome landscapes and adventures. Even now, eight months after a Total Knee Replacement, I have been out hiking in the mountains, riding my mountain bike up and down some rough terrain, and dancing on Friday nights.

3. Music & Art - I often wonder what humans would do without music and art? It seems like existence would be super tedious without the capacity to turn emotion, desire and experience into a melody or a drawing.

4. My Friends and Family - These are the people with whom I share my feelings, accomplishments and news flashes. From the fun and frivolity of birthday parties and family reunions to the gravity of funerals and inexplicable losses - we can and have shared it all.

5. Nature - Here is the place I love to be, just be, enjoying extreme close up views of flowers, waterfalls, and critters, listening to the birds twitter, the water flow, the insects buzz. This is "church" to me.

6. My Work - Not everyone has the great fortune - or could imagine how to manifest - the kind of work I have been engaged in for the 25 years, in video production. In the various roles I have undertaken as sound technician, editor, camera operator, and even at times as onscreen talent, I've had the great pleasure to encounter some very interesting people, including CEOs, doctors, scientists, astronauts, celebrities, musicians, healers, motivational speakers, and you name it.

Now it is time to bestow this award to the following bloggers. I hope you will explore their sites and learn more about what makes them tick. I was telling a friend the other day that reading other people's blogs is so fascinating, it fulfills my lust to read biographies and I never need to purchase another memoir again. I could disappear into the blogosphere for years!

Denise - Odd Imagination - She creates whimsical creatures as sculptures and beads that look as though they are about to come to life. Plus she recycles!

Toni - Seaweed & Gardenias - This is a very creative woman who has inspired me to dive into my own creativity in the realms of scrapbooking and "illustrating" my dreams via collage.

Suzy - Hollywood Where Hot Comes to Die - She has this gift of turning any situation into comedy and if you want some good laughs, go and see her.

Jo - A Majority of Two - A fascinating woman who says what's on her mind - which I thoroughly appreciate - and she also knows how to draw and paint beautifully.

Carl - Artistic Balance - He's an artist and a photographer who enjoys capturing extreme close ups of flowers, like I do. And he understands the underbelly of computer technology.

Jodie - Meringue Diary - She hails from Melbourne, Australia (aka "Oz") one of the greatest places on the face of the planet, and she writes all about it; oh and she makes these awesome bags and she knows how to have fun!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Flowers of San Diego Zoo, Part 2 - Photographs by Patty Mooney

This is Part 2 in my "Flowers of San Diego Zoo" series. Like bouquets that will never die, I hope these flowers cross the realm of CyberSpace to bring a smile and a reminder of Nature to all who receive them.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Flowers of San Diego Zoo - Photographs by Patty Mooney

Just a small sampling of the gorgeous flowers to be seen at our very own San Diego Zoo. Spring is definately gallavanting along and Summer is fast on its heels. I hope you enjoy looking at these colorful blooms as much as I enjoy snapping them.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Art and About in La Jolla - Photos by Patty Mooney

Here's a small collection of art, sculptures and bohemian views in La Jolla, which is on the Pacific Ocean, half an hour north of San Diego.

Monday, May 4, 2009

The Joys of a Gorgeous Bouquet - Photographs by Patty Mooney

On Sundays there is this fabulous Farmers Market not far from where I live featuring organic fruits and vegetables, people's arts and crafts, and lots of flowers. There was one Sunday when I came across this gorgeous bouquet. When I got it home, it begged to be photographed from various angles, and so I obliged. I love the vibrant colors. I have not seen a bouquet quite like it since, so I am glad I captured it digitally for everyone to see.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Happy 62nd Anniversary, Korczak Ziolkowski! - by Patty Mooney

Today is the 62nd anniversary of sculptor Korczak Ziolkowski arriving in the Black Hills in 1947. I know, easy for me to say! Who is this guy, and what's so great about him?

In 1986, Mark and I sold or gave away most of our possessions, and stored away the things we knew we could not live without, and then we cruised around North America in a small camper. One of the places we visited was the Black Hills, site of the Crazy Horse Monument. At that time, the face of Crazy Horse was apparent, and his arm and horse had been lightly "sketched" into the mountainside. Here is how the story goes, as presented at the Crazy Horse Memorial Website:

"At the request of Native American elders, Korczak came west to carve a mountain to honor all American Indians. When he arrived in 1947 he had a total of $174 to his name. He lived in a tent the first winter while building a log-cabin studio home. At 40 years of age, he was starting his life over and he devoted it to the mountain carving. What Korczak Ziolkowski accomplished from the time of his arrival in the Black Hills in 1947 until his death in 1982, is an extraordinary story."

To give you some idea of the size of this "carving," you could fit all four presidents of Mt. Rushmore in Crazy Horse's head. After Korczak died in 1982, his wife and family continued his work. The actor, James Whitmore, who died just a few months ago, became fascinated with the project and spent a lot of time there with the family. This video, featuring Mr. Whitmore, tells the story of the Crazy Horse Memorial

Saturday, May 2, 2009

At Both Ends: Paintings, Drawings, Portraits

If you happen to be in New York City on May 7th, go and see this art exhibit and meet the artist. Mary Lynn Rouleau is my best friend from grade school. When my family moved to a suburb of Detroit in 1968, she was the first (and only) person who came to the door to introduce herself and welcome us to the neighborhood. Coincidentally, we were in the same grade and would be attending the same school in the Fall. Thus began a lifelong friendship.

Mary Lynn was an amazingly talented artist in her own right even then, in the late 60's. She is one of the most underrated artists of our time. She and I are "blood sisters," which we accomplished by pricking our forefingers with a pin and commingling the bright red beads of blood that arose. I don't think anyone can get closer than that! Wishing her all the best with this show. Enjoy NYC!

At Both Ends: Paintings, Drawings, Portraits

May 7th to May 28th
A Gathering of the Tribes
285 E. 3rd St. @ Ave. C
New York, NY 10009

Opening Reception May 7th
7:00 – 9:00 PM

At Both Ends, a 10 year survey of portraits by M.L. Rouleau, refers to the artist’s position vis a vis her life and work. A position reflected through styles, mediums and subjects that shift according to a dynamic negotiation between interior and social life. Through the traditional genre of portraiture, Rouleau seeks to re-interpret and re-present the perspective that has been naturalized by its own historic conventions.

About the Artist
M.L. Rouleau was born and raised in Detroit, MI. She earned a B.A. in Painting and Drawing from Aquinas College in 1977. In 2003 she completed an M.F.A. at Kendall College of Art and Design. She currently teaches life drawing at Grand Rapids Community College. Her work has been displayed at the Detroit Institute for the Arts, Calder Fine Arts Exhibition, the Grand Rapids Art Museum and the Hackley Museum of Art.