Sunday, April 20, 2014

Experiments with Peeps - A Poem by Patty Mooney

Pink Marshmallow PeepsImage via Wikipedia Pink peeps on Rice Krispie
baskets grouted in marshmallow.
Sweet peeps glisten
eyes wide, beaks mute.
Half-eaten peeps
headless and landfill-
bound after Easter.

The garbage truck strains
and grinds, shrieking
into the early morning
as though lending language
to those stiffened peep
corpses buried
under potato peelings,
congealed fat
and suburban stench.

Chirrup twitter chirp tweet !
Those tiny peep voices
rise in a sugary dirge.
Resiliency's an asset
as pink as a fresh
pack of peeps.
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ODD imagination said...

Awww... I like this Peep Poem! I could visualize every aspect of the peep described.
I will say that my two daughters prefer their peeps hardened after a day or two out of the package. LOL

Patty Kay Mooney said...

Thanks so much, Odd! Yes, it's very tongue-in-cheek. I have some fond memories of past Easters starring peeps! Now ironically I have just started a new diet - or should I say lifestyle - where sugar is completely out. Feeling pretty doggone good, too! Always so nice to hear from you.

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bones said...

Love the Peeps thing. When I left the Conan show, the writers gave me a package of peeps. I keep them next to my imaginary Oscar...

Patty Kay Mooney said...

Thanks Dentist, and thanks Bones! Peeps are sort of an American icon, aren't they? Bones, would love to hear of your adventures on the Conan show. He is such a "kick in the pants."

Anonymous said...

Hi Patty,I ve just peeped through d peeps. It's indeed a nice one. Keep up the peeps.