Thursday, May 23, 2013

Drop the Spray Can, Chachi - by Patty Mooney

San Diego County was blessed with a lot of rain this year. In a place so fraught with drought, this is something to celebrate. My husband decided to take me to some waterfalls I had never seen, in the 30-some years I have lived in San Diego... Adobe Falls, located close to San Diego State University.

The urbanization of a natural setting disturbed me. I felt conflicted about seeing what I would otherwise consider some pretty good art, tagged on most of the available faces of the granite boulders in the area.

I thought about how some of the last surviving records of the ancient Anasazi civilization exist in red-rock canyons as petroglyphs and pictographs. Albeit, some of those have been graffitied and pumped full of shotgun holes.

Self-aggrandizing crap like somebody's initials or inane observations are not what I call "art." Who cares whether Chachi loves Joanie? Why do these people feel compelled to deface Mother Nature?

With these mixed feelings in turmoil like ingredients in a speeding blender, I admired the beauty of the falls while realizing that I would probably not return anytime soon.

Tip of the Day on how to enjoy Nature: Leave the paint cans at home, please.

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organizari petreceri said...

Very nice pictures, it is a beautiful place, shame that these drawings are there, it doesen`t looks good at all.

Patty Kay Mooney said...

Thanks OP, I agree. Only this morning I asked my husband, "Why do you think people do that?" He says, "It's their way of being 'immortal,' since they probably don't do anything else of any consequence, such as write a book, paint a portrait, film a movie, etc." So, it's the lazy man's way of making a mark (literally) on the world.