Thursday, June 30, 2011

Better Red Than Dead - by Patty Mooney

Just back from a trip to Michigan to celebrate a few occasions with my family. My mom turned 90 so we threw her a big party at St. Pat's in Detroit, complete with a video documentary about her that I edited, and a couple of sets by The Root Doctor Band, in which my brother-in-law, Freddie, is the lead singer. A friend of my mom convinced her to go red for the big shindig, and my mom, after at least three decades of sporting a silver do, shocked most party-goers by arriving in a short red mohawk.

The Root Doctor Band delighted the crowd of 100 or so people who had come to help Magi celebrate, even soaring on a departure from their normal blues itinerary - one of Magi's favorite songs, "New York, New York." Many of the attendees were family, of course, and friends Magi has known for decades. They all love her timeless wisdom, her unflagging activism and her love for Detroit, the city where she was born.

While visiting Michigan, Mark and I enjoyed a fun-filled weekend, including an evening in Windsor with our friends Michael and Kathleen, and a Tigers game at Tiger Stadium on Sunday. I happened to have a small container of my brother, Joe's, ashes, and after the Tigers soundly spanked the D-backs (scoring 7 points in one inning, and none of them a home run - Wow!) I joined a long parade of kids who after the game ended, were allowed onto the field to run the bases, and I spilled Joe's ashes at second base, while high-fiving the Tigers mascot, Paws.

That's me, after the "deed," departing the field (pun intended.) Joe would have enjoyed the idea of having some of his ashes spread at the stadium for the irreverance (Joe was "Born to Be Wild!") but also because Tiger Stadium is in the heart of Detroit, where he spent a lot of time as a teen growing up into a man.

On the following day, Monday, we interred my dad's ashes at the Great Lakes National Cemetery for veterans in Holly, Michigan. I wrote about it at my other blog, Soldiers Heart in a post called "Goodbye Daddy."

On our last evening in town, the six "survivors" of our eight-member family posed for our traditional family portrait on the porch of our childhood home. Oh family, I am proud and honored to be a Mooney! Love 'n Hugs, Patty

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