Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Rollin' on the River - A Pictorial by Patty Mooney

Just back from a lovely long weekend of floating at the Kern River, outside Bakersfield, California. The town is duly named, as you could fry an egg on the sidewalk there. The best place to be is in, on or near the Kern. Even the cows know it.

The river is way up this year, due to all the rains and snow melt. And river tubes have come a long way from those beefy black tire tubes. Fun, fun, fun! As with any endeavors in Mother Nature, one must respect the river and be constantly aware, as it's easy to get swept into low-hanging branches along the bank. Safety first!

You can see that the surrounding hillsides are burnt blonde and yet everything next to the river is a verdant green.

We had two or three river runs every day. We splashed around, conversed, laughed, and even shared a little Air Poetry. (I will tell you more about this new concept of mine in a future post.)

As any child knows who spends all day outdoors under the sun, there is a time for splashing, a time for floating, and a time for snoozing. All good things under heaven.

If you're interested in a rafter's view of a river - the Merced - check out this helmet-cam video shot by my husband, Mark Schulze.

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