Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Air Poetry - It's All Around You

For several months I have been writing down little gems uttered in the conversations around me, in my notebook. Recently, I began sharing the idea with my friends who all loved it. My friend, Jody, even gave it a name: Air Poetry.

I immediately bought the domain and have now pushed a new little paper boat out into the stream.

Still in its experimentation phase, I have been taking my notebook with me, jotting down the gold nuggets strewn across the sky that leap from the mouths of friends and strangers. Many of these notes turn into complete little air poems. Some are hilarious. Some are surprising. Some are very terse, taking up even less space than Haiku.

My friend, Connie, enjoyed the idea and wrote this at my birthday party:

Did you make it?
Eaten alive.
It's yummy.
How in the hell do you walk in those?
You should write that down.
Tape worm from South America.
What about that?
I love food.

Pretty quirky, isn't it? My friend, Judy, loved the idea so much, she designed the Air Poetry logo.

I encourage you to try it. Go ahead, become that "fly on the wall" at the next party you attend. What's fun is first creating the air poetry, and then sharing your nugget(s) with your friends. I guarantee, you will be the star of the show.

If you create a masterpiece that you'd like to share with the world, leave it in a comment here or at the Air Poetry site, or the Facebook Air Poetry site and I'll post it (providing it's not full of obscenities, of course.)

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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Rollin' on the River - A Pictorial by Patty Mooney

Just back from a lovely long weekend of floating at the Kern River, outside Bakersfield, California. The town is duly named, as you could fry an egg on the sidewalk there. The best place to be is in, on or near the Kern. Even the cows know it.

The river is way up this year, due to all the rains and snow melt. And river tubes have come a long way from those beefy black tire tubes. Fun, fun, fun! As with any endeavors in Mother Nature, one must respect the river and be constantly aware, as it's easy to get swept into low-hanging branches along the bank. Safety first!

You can see that the surrounding hillsides are burnt blonde and yet everything next to the river is a verdant green.

We had two or three river runs every day. We splashed around, conversed, laughed, and even shared a little Air Poetry. (I will tell you more about this new concept of mine in a future post.)

As any child knows who spends all day outdoors under the sun, there is a time for splashing, a time for floating, and a time for snoozing. All good things under heaven.

If you're interested in a rafter's view of a river - the Merced - check out this helmet-cam video shot by my husband, Mark Schulze.

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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Steam Punk Jewelry, the Latest Craze - by Patty Mooney

I recently had a great conversation with JC, my favorite jeweler. Over the years, he has repaired pendants for me, re-strung pearl necklaces, re-glued stones into rings and earrings, polished my wedding band, and sold me a few of his unique pieces. We go way back.

Quintessential Steam Punk Ring by LondonParticulars, Etsy

When he saw the bicycle gear I was wearing on a chain around my neck, which I'd bought from a vendor at our local farmer's market (believe me, it's much MORE than just fruits and veggies there) he mentioned the latest craze in jewelry: Steam Punk Jewelry.

Nuts, Washers 'n Crystals Pendant, Steel Deco Design, Etsy

This made me curious to look it up on Google, and when I did, all kinds of odd and amazing pieces came to view, especially on that awesome site that reveres all things home-made: Etsy. From what I gather, artists have embraced the whole "recycle and re-wear" movement by creating one-of-a-kind pieces of jewelry using such objects as computer chips, vintage watches, music-box keys and other things that you might find up in your grandma's attic.

So these pieces have a very "vintage industrial" look. I've grabbed a few photos off of Etsy so you can get the gist. See if you notice any of your friends sporting any bracelets, pendants, rings or earrings that bring new life to old and nearly forgotten elements. Or maybe you can be the first in your circle to show off your steam punk jewels.

Robot Cuff Links, Cosmic Firefly, Etsy

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Monday, July 4, 2011

A Wheatfield, An Artist, A Bicycle - Haiku by Patty Mooney

Haiku inspired by Wheat Field with Rising Sun, Vincent Van Gogh, 1889
Happy Fourth of July!

Wear long socks walking
through the wheatfield or suffer
chafing by the chaff.


Was he myopic?
What with the ear he lopped off
He'd need monacles.


Only thing missing
in this masterful canvas
is the bicycle.

Thanks to Magpie Tales for the inspiration.