Thursday, June 20, 2013

Precious Moment

When I went to pick up my niece, her mom handed me a photo of myself. It was a slightly dog-eared graduation photo. "This is the only photograph of anyone that was found in Joe's safe. He LOVED his sister."

A moment of searing grief from out of nowhere then hit me. Just when you think you are fine, you have accepted he is gone for good, and you'd just better be happy his spirit is free, it hits you. I AM happy his spirit is free. I just miss him so much.

Nobody was ready for you to go, Joe, least of all you, I am sure. I just wanted you to know how moved I was about that photo. How much of you I see in your daughter, and how much of you I see in me.

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Denise Baldwin said...

Awww :-( I know that pain too... Big hugs!