Monday, January 28, 2013

Yarn Art - by Patty Mooney

I posted this little pictorial a couple of years ago.  Now that we are  in the middle of the "knitting and crocheting season," I decided to post it again, with the addition of a few more pics.

A pink boa I knitted for Michelle Rhea, a wild and crazy lead singer of a rock and roll band

Two capes I crocheted with yarn remnants

An artsy boa modeled by a ravishing woman at an art gallery

Another artsy boa worn by an artsy woman

A manly scarf that I knitted and gave to my brother, Joe, for a cold ride on his Harley

A soft fuzzy boa Auntie Ori opened under the Christmas tree

A pretty blue and purple scarf that was made for producer Carol McGrath to withstand the Toronto cold

The Wild Man Cape modeled by AV expert, Chris Roberts

A plethora of "cat tail" boas of various colors

"Hipster Headband"

A very warm blanket on top of which stuffed critters love to smooch

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